Bogong Moth Corroboree

Vitrified and unfired clay from Canberra and the Bundian Way, Australia.  2017.  

Dimensions variable.

Feasts bring people together -- for the nourishing tucker, the warmth of the fire, the companionship.

And for the sharing of a good yarn.

A thousand clay "grubs", formed by clay form the Bundian Way and my backyard in Canberra, pit-fired at the Jigamy camp site, the Bogong Moth Corroboree records my journey of learning about my adopted country.  It is also a record of the many hands that have built and maintained the fire together, as well as the stories we learnt that connect us to the land.

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This project was made  for the Australia National University 2017 Environment Studio Balawan Elective.  Students made field trips to places along the Bundian Way, a route that spans 380 km from Mr Kosciuszko to Twofold Bay at Eden.  We also learnt about the cultural heritage and history of the walking route firsthand from Indigenous elders. 

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