Vessels |  器 

when made with the person and the occasions in mind

Indomitable, 2023
Clay from Puolanka (Kaainu, Finland) and Kepos Street (Sydney, Australia), woodfired at Arctic Ceramics Centre
Subdue, Subdued | 修 , 2017
Porcelain, unfired
Same and varied, 2017
Slipcast porcelain, gasfired
Siblings, 2016
stoneware, gasfired
Blushed, 2016
stoneware, gasfired
Sweetness of Youth, 2017
porcelain, gasfired at China Academy of Art
Ephemeral bliss, 2016
Bisqued wares
Our precious imperfect world, 2016
stoneware, electric kiln fired Fundraising for "Clay for Aleppo"
Seeing the Universe, 2016
Stoneware, gasfired
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