Touch Sight Mind |  手心眼

June - July 2021, Shenyang, China

16 Workshops were conducted concurrent to the solo exhibition Object Matter Mind (29 May-12 July 2021, Shenyang, China).  In the two-and-a-half hour workshop (conducted in Putonghua, Cantonese and English), participants shared stories of objects that were of significance to them. Through experimentation with basic ceramics techniques, figurative and abstract representations, workshop participants de-construct and re-construct memories through clay.  Participants finished the workshops by participating in the installation of Masks (II), 2021.

“物、事、心” 當代陶藝個展 (2021年6月, 瀋陽)期間總共舉辦了16場工作坊。兩個半小時的工作坊中(普通話、粵語和英語), 參與者分享對他們有意義物件的故事, 通過陶藝技法試驗、具象抽象概念的分析, 解構與重構記憶。工作坊參加者最後參與完成 罩(II), 2021 作品的裝置。

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